Creative, flexible, and patient capital for the lower middle market

Providence Investment Partners is a Texas-based firm that provides debt and equity capital to proven lower middle market companies.

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Our Purpose
To endeavor that all our stakeholders flourish as we live out our core values in the marketplace and community

Why Providence?

Creative, Flexible & Patient Capital

Each investment is unique, and the team works diligently to tailor and deliver a capital solution that serves as a win-win for all stakeholders.  We have the flexibility to invest in  subordinated debt, unitranche debt, preferred equity, common equity, or some combination thereof.  We recognize success is not always linear, and patience may be required to work through unexpected challenges.

Focused on Lower Middle Market Companies in Texas and the Southwest

While flexible, our ideal investment includes both debt and equity in lower middle market companies ($2 to $10 million of EBITDA).  We invest with management teams, owners, independent sponsors, and funded sponsors.  We have spent most of our lives in the Southwest.  As a result, we have developed an extensive network in this region, which we offer to both management and owners to assist with value creation.

Trusted Relationships

Providence recognizes people are the key to success, and trust is critical to the success of a partnership.  From the initial meetings on, the team strives to build collegial, long-lasting relationships with owners and management.

Value-Add Partners

The team spends significant time upfront understanding the challenges and opportunities of a business and developing a roadmap to create value.  The Providence team applies its decades-long financial and operating experience with both large and small companies to be a value-add, collaborative partner.